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1987.06 Established Olympia Industrial Co., Ltd.
1987.09 Developed energy saving F.F oil burner of TK series.
1987.12 Developed light oil burner of OM series.
1988.01 Developed low noise & high efficiency of small F.F oil burner OH series.
1988.12 Built own building and productivity 2000ea per day and operation of laboratory with technical development section.
1989.09 Increased capital two hundred million Won.
1989.10 Developed medium & large oil burner LT&LB series.
1989.12 Appointed promising small & medium company. (Korea first bank)
1990.01 Developed Gas burner series for house heating system.
1990.02 Received citation from Tax office as a good tax paying company.
1990.08 Developed heavy gas burner OMG series.
1991.01 Developed industrial burner LT-T series.
1991.09 Registered F.F burner of registration of design to patent office.
1992.09 Developed piolt ignition of cool suction type gas burner OLG-series.
1993.05 Export small oil burner for house heating system to China.
1994.07 Developed medium & large gas burner LTG series.
1994.08 Export industrial burners to China.
1994.11 Established Yanji Olympia Heating Limited Company in China. (Sole investment capital U$:500,000.-)
1995.05 Increased capital One million dollars. (Yanji Olympia Company)
1996.11 Received million dollars export tower.
1997.06 Obtained all burner (Oil & Gas) GOST Certificate from Russia for the first time in Korea.
1997.08 Export to Japan, Russia, China, Greece and All Asian Countries
1997.11 Received export meritorious citation from Government.
1998.03 Obtained ISO certificate for the first time as burner manufacturer in Korea.
1998.05 Export to European Countries.
2000.05 Appointed promising small & medium company. (Small & Medium Business Administration)
2000.12 Registered 2 types of major parts for the burner to Patent Office.
2001.07 Selected Promising exporting company from the Government.
2003.03 Developed Wall Hung Mounted Gas Boiler.
2003.12 Built New Factory and Remove. (Korea Head Company) (830P)
2004.05 Built New Factory and Remove. (China Factory/2,700P)
2004.07 Developed New type of Wall Hung Mounted Gas Boiler.
2004.07 Developed New Models of OB, OBG-Series.
2004.07 Developed New Models of LT/LTG-13,15.
2005.10 Developed New Models of LT/LTG-20,30.
2005.11 Received Citation (ministry of commerce, industry and energy)
2006.08 Developed New Models of LT-40/45/60 Models (Oil & Gas)
2006.11 Developed New Models of LTG-35.
2006.12 Developed New control and selling.
2007.04 Developed New Model LT/LTG-100 Model.
2007.06 20th anniversary of Olympia Industrial company Co., Ltd.